Employee Referral Program Guidelines and Strategies

The employee referral initiative is a channel which involves some programming that lets the human capital manager receive information about an applicant from their workers when a vacancy is being advertized in the organization. It is an unarguable fact that companies derive gains in conducting referral programs for their clients, using employee referral software. Nevertheless, it does not mean that these companies maximize the opportunity at the expense of their staff. Most people anyways appreciate it when staff of a company refers them to the company.

Ideally, it is expected that company workers should have adequate knowledge of products and services that their company provides. If a company worker successfully refers his company to other people, it shows that they have reliable information that will be beneficial to even a customer.

It now behooves on company management to strategize means of rewarding staff that are active and productive in the referral program.

As part of organization’s strategy for business growth through the referral initiative, there should be an employee to employee referral concept. This will inspire a new staff to put extra effort in discharging his duties so that the colleague who referred him would be rewarded.

Another strategic guide is the concept of employee to consumer referrals. This means that workers should be given incentives when a client they referred buys a product from the company. The reward system could be any way you’ve designed it; it could be in form of granting that staff holiday for attracting good sales for the company.

I will like to share a few guidelines that will help employee referral program to run easily and successfully.

Workers who refer their fellow colleagues may not be too interested in increasing their workload just for a lesser reward. They instead, try to fashion out ways to make their referral job an easy one by maximizing modern trends with various social media platforms. They use these tools to reach out to friends who are qualified for the job role that is being advertized.

Secondly, even though it is not out of place for a company to regularly showcase it’s progress report, workers shouldn’t be allowed to contend among themselves just because they want to set a high record. What management should do is to propel them to aim at individual goals so that they can in turn compete together in a raffle draw. It is however believed that this arrangement will eliminate all avenues that can give rise to unnecessary contests.

Conclusively, the employee referral program is a right step at the right direction. If it’s guidelines are followed and strategies are being put in place, organizations will reap bountiful rewards both in the area of staff motivation and business growth.

Fundamentals of an Employee Referral Program

The quest for finding the right candidate has inspired institutions of human resources to embark on several methods of employment exercise especially the employee referral program. It is on record that this initiative has been in vogue; but it was only recently that it became officially accepted. The system became popular due to a drastic reduction in the workforce whereas there is a high demand for workers.

Another reason for the creation of the employee referral initiative was to unite good talents with their desired jobs. It also believes in the assertion that these smart talents need to connect and share experience together.

This they believe would be done by connecting these workers together, even smarter than how recruiters and management would have done it.

Because members of staff are the reason behind this program, it has become very necessary that they be handsomely compensated so that they can be inspired to efficiently carry on the referral assignment with high morale and then recommending smart candidates to the company, through using several recruitment strategies like competition and enticement.

Many big employment companies have achieved a lot with this idea by using their internet sites as a channel to minimize the cost of employing applicants and at the same time, boosting growth in business.

Nevertheless, before an organization will embark on this idea, there is need for a better understanding of the fundamentals of employee referral program because if they are properly followed, the idea my not succeed that much.

In this same vein, we shall briefly discuss the workable process of an employee referral initiative.

The first fundamental process that an organization should follow is;

1. It will be ideal for workers in an organization to recommend the right applicant for the right job in the company. This arrangement will certainly help to speed up the process of staff recruitment without hassles. On the other hand, in a case where a complex and detailed process is used to screen applicants before recruitment, there is bound to be delay and the already created vacuum in the portfolio will keep suffering.

2. The idea of giving out motivation and bonus should be distributed among members of staff rather than limiting it to some people that probably recommended suitable applicants. This strategy will give everyone a sense of belonging and create a feeling of win-win for those involved. It will further go ahead in motivating them to do more work with great vigor.

I will conclude by saying that it is in place to say that there are other ingredients that constitutes a workable employee referral program apart from these few that we discussed in this article.